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Katty Velasquez and Emma Ramos in Marisol

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“Emma Ramos is mesmerizing as Marisol, tenderly yet heartbreakingly portraying a way of life that many of us couldn’t possibly imagine yet also doing so by embodying Marisol’s richness of humanity and always having to balance both her warm, maternal spirit and the constant guardedness of a young woman whose every action could potentially have lasting impact. It’s an unforgettable performance that leaves you wondering about Marisol long after the closing credits have rolled.” –Richard Propes, The Independent Critic // Full review:

MARISOL will screen in San Antonio, Texas on July 14th at 5:30pm as an Official Selection of CineFestival
MARISOL will screen July 18th at 7pm, as an Official Selection of Cinefiesta, in Puerto Rico
The next stop for MARISOL is the 12ºN 61ºW Grenadian Film Festival – screening info here:
MARISOL had its World Premiere at the San Diego Latino Film Festival in Late March!
Tim Eliot and Lauren Sowa at the San Diego Latino Film Festival
Director Zoé Salicrup Junco

Check out this interview with Director Zoé Salicrup Junco and Producer Lauren Sowa:

LS: What do you hope an audience will take away from Marisol?

ZSJ: The goal is to humanize the very big and complicated issue of immigration. People tend to understand things better when they can relate to them in a very specific way. If somebody is not Latinx, has never endured questionable behavior from authorities, etc., they may not necessarily digest something as complex as immigration right off the bat. But that person most likely has a family. And perhaps in a different way has experienced the painful process of having their family threatened or separated.

LS: Yes, this was the main reason we wanted to create the film—to have the conversation with people who might not be used to thinking about immigration in ways other than black and white. It’s not so easy to think so definitively about immigration when you see the human side of it. Especially at a time in our country when everything seems so polarized. People are taking sides on every little thing, without thinking it through, sometimes. Maybe we can open some minds and hearts, and complicate the thinking a little bit.

Full interview: